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A Republic: "A state in which the supreme power rests in the people and their elected representatives."  Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

 A Democracy: "Goivernment by the people; that form the government in which the sovereign power resides in the people, and is exercised either directly by them or officers elected by them." Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

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Republican minded individuals need to unite and form political parties; provincially and Federally!


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HIGH RIVER, AB (September 9, 2013): Wildrose Official Opposition Leader
Danielle Smith has written to Premier Alison Redford and requested that the
government immediately develop a solution to compensate High River residents
for the damage they sustained from forced entry by the RCMP during the
Flood.  Earlier today, Smith wrote a letter calling on Premier Redford and
the Alberta Government to compensate the over 1,900 High River residents
whose doors were demolished and whose homes were damaged by the RCMP during
their property searches after the High River flood.

With the RCMP contracted as Alberta's provincial police force, Smith said it
is important that the province assume responsibility for the costs of the
damage.  "The Emergency Management Act in section 19 makes it clear that
compensation is mandated for damage done by actions taken under the
authorization of an emergency declaration," Smith said. "After all that
residents have been through since the beginning of the flood, further
dragging out the compensation process for them is unacceptable."

Smith said the government should look after immediately compensating
residents for the damages, and if the RCMP is ultimately held responsible,
the province can recover the monies from them.  Attached to the letter were
the personal reports of almost 50 residents, excerpts of which are attached
below.  None of the residents have yet received compensation for damage done
during the forced entry.


For further information or to arrange an interview, media are invited to

Vitor Marciano
Press Secretary to the Leader of the Official Opposition
Ph: 780-668-2772
------------------------------ --


From the Emergency Management Act.

19(1) On the making of the declaration and for the duration of the state of
emergency, the Minister may do all acts and take all necessary proceedings
including the following                .
(h) authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant,
by any person in the course of implementing an emergency plan or program;

19(3) If the Minister acquiresht: normal; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: normal; orphans: auto; text-align: start; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: auto; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> subsection (1) or if any real or personal property is damaged or destroyed
due to an action of the Minister in preventing, combating or alleviating the
effects of an emergency or disaster, the Minister shall cause compensation
to be paid for it.


Josephine: "I had a $1000 claim with a receipt. I am an old age pensioner on
a fixed income, this is a huge amount of money for me. I talked to various
people. No help. No info."

Lorie: "I spent $400 on carpet cleaning and the estimate on the door was
$3800. Our home had boot prints up the stairs and throughout the upstairs
stepping in front of our bedroom dresser where our personal property had be
rifled through"

Joanne: "I have $2500 in damage. We feel totally violated - we own no
weapons nor do we have illegal plants of any kind. They only opened one
closet in the master bedroom. looking for.. people?"

Judy: "I had to pay $1100 through an independent supplier. The damages were
extensive. It was over kill. Now they don't want to reimburse for the
damages. Having my rant I do realize there were extenuating circumstances
but nothing justifies the horrendous and callous amount of damage and no one
is owing up to this."

- See more at:

http://www.wildrose.ca/ feature/smith-calls-on- government-to-immediately-pay- compensation-for-forced-entry/ #sthash.ugmSfw4p.dpuf




America is the land of the free,
Millions have died for you and me.
Our Constitution is under attack,
By “The Messiah” , the socialist Barack .

The Democrat party has ceased to be,
They wish total control over you and me.
Socialists and Communists they have become,
Destroy America, their rule number one ,

Cutting the military their ultimate goal,
Along with selling their devilish soul.
Drones in the sky in the land of the free,
So they can keep tabs on you and me.

The Second Amendment they HATE you see,
Because it means freedom for you and me.
They tap our phones and e-mail too,
They are afraid of what we can do.

They want my guns, they are saying to me,
Not as long as I breath and able to see.
I took my oath and went to Nam,
They WILL NOT get guns from this old man !

Many have died for the red white and blue,
If the need arises, I will too.
Guns from my hands they will have to pry,
MOLON LABE is the battle cry !!!!!!

John D USN RVN 71, 72, 73, evac 75
Thank you for your service, Sir.


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United North America


Oh Canada, the U. S. A. stands on guard for thee! At least, we better hope it does!

It is one thing to fight a war against terrorism. It is quite an other to suspend civil liberties on a permanent basis using terrorist acts as an excuse. 


One Ten West


Alberta Residents League


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Our countries are being taken over by kindler and gentler Police States. Thank you, bin Laden!

As soon as the crisis of terror is over we can expect more of the same in Canada. Only world events have been refocused, not the  left's objectives in Canada.

The prime minister's office is far too powerful a position under the new Canadian order. This non-directly elected authority appoints all the powerfull positions in the land and bypasses any authority the Parliament once had. Elected representative no longer represent their constituents. They obey the authority of the Prime Minister. He appoints the Senators, the Ethics Commissioner, the judges of the Supreme Court. In short; he controls the cabinet, he controls the House of Commons, he controls the Senate, he controls the Judiciary, he controls the Department of Justice. Need I go on? Do you call this democracy? And if this accurately portrays Canada , then truly, "the prime minister can be as despotic as a king. (misquote of Tomas Paine).




Alberta is the only Province in Canada to Legislate Property Rights

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Alberta should separate  now and examine it's alternatives afterward! We can stand alone.

It is not that we hate our Country. It is that we distrust our government.   69% say government corrupt

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A Society that teaches it's little children to become suicide bombers instead of how to earn a living deserves the punishment it receives in return. It merits no sympathy.


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